Red Calico Bristlenose Pleco


Great little algae eaters. Unlike the common pleco, these will continue to eat algae throughout their lives.

Coloration is variable, and depends on light levels and background colors. We rarely keep these to the age where gender can be determined.



These little guys make a great addition to any freshwater tank. They’re incredibly tolerant of hard and soft water, will help clean up any leftover food, and do a great job at cleaning your glass and decorations without destroying your plants.

These are shortfin, reach a maximum length of about 6 inches, and can live for 12 years under ideal circumstances.

It is important to provide these fish with some form of wood, as they require more lignin in their diets than wafers and algae alone will provide, small pieces are fine, many of our tanks have only a 1″ cholla ring.

We recommend feeding algae wafers containing spirulina for color, and supplementing with occasional blanched vegetables. The are especially fond of boiled cucumbers and romaine lettuce, just be sure to remove the leftovers at the end of the day so they don’t rot and ruin your water quality!

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