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These fish are single gene gold marble, single gene stripeless, and many are single gene blue resulting in reflective blue spots along many of their fins. The small amount of blue which presents is mood dependent so we cannot safely select for blue appearance in an order.

The orange, yellow, red, and brown is highly mood dependent, many will flush red in the face when excited or turn a very dull brown all about the head when agitated. Some show large amounts of color and some show nearly none, and selection at ship time is fairly random as these are primarily provided for those looking to increase diversity in their koi lines.

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Angelfish make a great addition to most tanks, they’re personable fish which are always happy to see you. While these are generally peaceful fish they can be aggressive towards each other, more so than the fish farm variety you find in pet stores, so we recommend keeping them in as single fish or as groups of three or more to avoid bullying behavior.

Our angelfish generally reach sizes of around 8 inches tall and 6 inches long, and can live for up to 10 years. We do our best to keep them genetically diverse, to give you the healthiest, happiest, fastest growing fish we can.

Water conditions are an important consideration when keeping angelfish, as they can react badly to very hard water. PH is far less important than overall hardness, though we suggest an upper boundary of 8.5ph and 280 TDS. For hardness ranges outside of this we recommend doubling the times given on our acclimation instructions or contacting us before shipping, as we keep a small number of most available fish in harder water from hatching for customer convenience.

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