Breeding the best

Angelfish Unlimited works hard to bring you the healthiest, most colorful fish on the market. We've spent years strengthening our lines by integrating from breeders across the country to make sure our fish lines are strong, personable, and great in appearance.

We guarantee live arrival, and you can expect the best from all of our fish.

Supplies are always limited, so if you see a type you like in stock order soon, because it may be many months before some stock are replenished.

No inbreeding, ever!

Soft and hard water raised available

Live arrival or your money back

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New to keeping angelfish?

We've got a great series of informational articles and videos to look through covering everything you need to know, whether you're an experienced hobbyist or a complete beginner, all for free.

Egg Treatments

Egg Treatments This calculator is meant to assist with treatment of fish eggs to prevent fungal growth. Methylene blue may be used throughout the course of fry development, but we generally recommend only using it until initial hatching. Iodine treatments should be done for 30 minutes a day, and peroxide treatments for 15 minutes a…

Understanding the Nitrogen Cycle

Cycling a tank is one of those things that many people do without really knowing why. In the following video, we explain how it works, why you need to do it, and some easy ways you can make it go a little faster. Ammonia Dosage Calculator Gallons Litres Desired ammonia level in ppm (recommended below…
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How we provide the very best

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No Inbreeding

We work hard to keep out genetic lines healthy. To that end, we never breed silblings with each other, and all of our fish are guaranteed F1 genetics. This eliminates a lot of the health problems that people see later,
so that you can safely get F1 or F2 lineage from any of our fish.


We take advantage of the most modern packaging methods to ensure that your fish don't run into problems. Pure oxygen packing leaves air pockets, which cause a lot of water turbulence during shipping, resulting in injuries and swim bladder problems. We ship in breathable bags whenever possible, ensuring less stress and healthier fish.

Variety of water

Hard water can be very difficult for soft water fish. We can't always choose the water we have, but we can choose to buy fish which will adapt to it. We always keep a selection of fry raised in hard water, as well as the normal soft water fish, so that you can buy confident that your fish will survive.


We have articles and videos that cover pretty much any problem you might run into, and we offer individual support when needed to make sure your fish stay as healthy and happy as possible.

Plenty of space

Unlike most hatcheries, our fish are given the space they need to grow properly. This means no missing or bent fins, better colors, and better health over the lifespan of the fish.


We stay in touch through every step of your order, from purchase to arrival. We track all the packages along with you, to make sure that we can deal with any problems as they come up, rather than days later.

Every shipment includes a drip acclimation kit free of charge.


Your source for beautiful fish

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